Access Medical Associates is a medical practice that is there when you need it — including evenings and weekends — with no appointment necessary. The staff is committed to decreasing waiting times, anxiety, and lost time at work.

Our medical staff is available to discuss your employee’s injury and work status with your company contact, and will provide timely information to insurance carriers when appropriate.

We can provide the following services for your company:

  • Pre-employment physical
  • Executive physical
  • Employee drug screening
  • Commercial driver’s license exams
  • Functional capacity exams (by appointment)
  • Worker’s Compensation

Our physicians are board certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Family Medicine; chosen not just for their medical skills, but their people skills as well.

Digital and designed for your business.

Access Medical Associates rapidly processes paperwork so the doctors can spend time with their patients. Physician notes, reports, discharge instructions and prescriptions are all computer generated and easy to read.

Digital FCE testing and Neuromuscular Re-education, give objective, accurate results.

Access Medical Associates uses ARCON digital functional evaluation equipment – the “gold standard” in FCE testing. Digital testing can decrease claims and absenteeism and expedite early return to pre-injury duty. The evaluation process is objective, consistently applied and produces valid, reproducible results. Digital testing provides a baseline for the rehabilitation process and evaluation of progress made.

How can we help you?

You can schedule an appointment online, call our office at (908) 704-0100, or simply stop by during office hours for your wellness check. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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