Very sweet staff. Very short wait no considering the hours/emergency areas they keep and everyone there is very concerned about your well-being. Would recommend to anyone.
Emily Begeja, Via Google
Great group of doctors willing to listen and help.
Monica Mayorga Lucuara, Via Google
Five stars
Theodore Todorov, Via Google
Everyone was very nice. Didn’t have to wait long.
Frank Novak, Via Google
Such great medical care, staff is cheerful and very professional. No waiting in waiting room. Love this medical facility!
Frank Susan Gould, Via Google
They are extremely patient, thorough and caring. All four of my children have always come to see them and it’s like family!
Sarah Killy Sasiak, Via Facebook
The staff is professional and friendly, the wait time is reasonable. The availability is great.
Marji Adler, Via Facebook
Excellent and friendly people that were very helpful and knowledgeable!
Donald W Hinds Jr., Via Facebook

Highly recommend Access Medical—time after time they come through with just the care I need, WHEN I need it!

RevLiz Estes, Via Facebook
Easy and smooth appt the receptionist was great over the phone when I booked the appt. when we arrived the process was easy and simple. I would definitely go again for service.
Debbie Talocka, Via Facebook

I brought my 11 year old in Monday night (July 7th) to the Branchburg Urgent Care Facility with a fractured wrist. It was late and I could have had a long night in front of me – instead the folks at Access Medical took care of us quickly and extremely compassionately. First, after assuring I was using a hands free phone – they took my information over the phone so my daughter would not have to wait – when we arrived we were greeted by a concerned staff saying is this Mackenzie to my teary eyed daughter…they swooped her up with care and took care of her quickly. We were on our way in a short time which was nice but what was really awesome was how friendly, caring and helpful the entire staff was…thanks for making an unpleasant time less challenging!!!
Patricia L.

Dear Dr. Goldberg,
I just wanted to thank you for your diligent care of our daughter Emily and for referring us promptly to Dr. Chan the hand surgeon. … She went back to work today on “light duty.” Thank you for making yourself available for further questions and concerns. It is good to see people who still care and are so dedicated. I always felt certain service oriented fields are somewhat of a calling. God bless you in your work as a doctor.
Maria L. (Stwartsville, NJ)

I’ve only had good experiences at this urgent care office. Over the years I’ve gone in for minor injuries and cold/flu/strep, and have been treated well by Dr. Goldberg and staff. This past winter my wife slipped on ice while walking our dog and sprained both her wrists. I drove her over to Access Medical, she was seen quickly and we were on our way home in a little over an hour. She too said her experience was fine. Full disclosure: I have provided services to Dr. Goldberg in the past, but that doesn’t have anything to do with my review above.
Roland R. (Bridgewater, NJ)

I had a terrible case of sinusitis and my asthma kicked in. My airways were 3/4 closed and the doctor gave me a steroid and nebulizer treatment. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been able to get married the next day!

Always took good care of me on the spot. although like anyplace else gets busy just after work. The nights and weekend hours are a real lifesaver sometimes. I generally hate going to the doctors, but the doctor and the nurses treat me like family.