Let’s face it, life is challenging. The pressures of your professional and personal life can weigh heavy on you, both physically and emotionally. Eventually your body will show signs of the strain.

Wear is natural. An annual wellness check is essential.

Think about how your automobile’s tires wear down after tens of thousands of miles on all types of pavement. Often it goes unnoticed until a serious performance problem becomes noticeable. It’s the same with your body.

Maintenance must still be supplemented with expert screening.

Preventative tasks such as eating right and exercise are only a part of what you can do to reduce wear on your body and mind. You need to manage your stress and emotional well being. Take brief breaks throughout the do. Schedule some fun time to blow off steam. But don’t forget to see a physician annually for a wellness check to make sure you’re not missing something that isn’t obvious.

Reduce your risk. Get a wellness check.

Please don’t ignore the signs of wear on your body. You can schedule an appointment online, call our office at (908) 704-0100, or simply stop by during office hours for your wellness check. We look forward to seeing you soon.