Don't spoil your trip. Get immunization / vaccination before you leave. Travel medicine Access Medical Associates Branchburg NJWe are dedicated to providing a full array of vaccinations and information on Destination-specific travel precautions, diagnosis and treatment of travel related diseases, as well as assistance to the traveler with chronic illness. It is advisable to include a visit to a physician for pre-travel preparations even if the destination country does not have any specific health risks. Often a physician can spot potential health issues that a patient may not consider, such as high-altitude travel illness or precautions for extended airline flights.

We offer comprehensive travel health services for individuals, families and groups:

  • Pre-travel assessment – All immunizations, health counseling and prescriptions for travel medications, including antimalarial medications and traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Post-travel care – Evaluation treatment or illnesses acquired during your trip.

Pre-travel services are offered on a fee-for-service basis because most health insurance plans do not cover pre-travel prophylaxis; although health insurance usually covers post-travel illness or injury.

Please call us to discuss your particular health concerns and needs. We speak English and Spanish.
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