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Falls in the Elderly

More than a 3rd of people over 65 will fall each year. Fractures are the most serious health consequence of falls. Up to 25 percent of hip fracture patients die within the first year. About 11,000 people will die from these falls each year.

Some of the factors that increase the risk of losing your balance are: side effects of medication, nutrition, lack of exercise and hazards in the home.

Let’s start with some of the hazards in your home and the easy steps to correct them.

  • Throw rugs: the number one item that seniors slip on and loose their balance. Get rid of them. If you must have them make sure they are slip resistant or use double face tape to secure them to the floor. If you use slip resistant rugs, check the backing regularly. Rubber backing can wear away.
  • Electrical/phone cords: do not use extension cords, if you have to rearrange your furniture so that lamps, tv’s and appliances have easy access to outlets. Tape down your cords to reduce the chance of tripping on them.
  • Lighting: have night lights, they are not just for children. Replace your existing wall switches with a “glow switch”.
  • Check your vision. […]
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