To Our Valued Patients:

At Access Medical we remain committed to maintaining your good health and delivering all of your health care needs.

The latest assault on our community comes from a virus that you are all familiar with: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), or COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2.

Here is what we have set-up to combat this virus:

If you have a fever over 100.0 F and have a cough AND have had either exposure to a person who is a LABORATORY CONFIRMED POSITIVE, OR have travelled to a country with a CDC Level 3 Travel Advisory (China, Japan, Korea, Italy and most European countries, and the United Kingdom and Ireland).

Action Required:
Please CALL the office from your vehicle in the parking lot. We will send a staff member to you and provide you with a mask, ask for your insurance card/payment and take your vitals, and do any other necessary testing (Flu for example). Based on this, the doctor will see you at your vehicle and provide you instructions to either go to the hospital or home to SELF-QUARANTINE.

If you have a fever and cough but have not had exposure to a LABORATORY CONFIRMED POSITIVE, OR have not travelled to a country with a CDC Level 3 Travel Advisory (China, Japan, Korea, Italy and most other European Countries, the United Kingdom or Ireland).

Action Required:
You may come into the office where we will provide you a mask. We have designated two of our exam rooms for evaluating patients with fever and other related symptoms. These steps are being taken to as a precaution to our other patients presenting other medical needs.

As a precaution, all of our exam rooms are being terminally cleaned with an antiviral disinfectant after each visit, fever or not. All usable surfaces are disinfected frequently with antiviral wipes.

We have gone through this before (not to this extent) with other viral illnesses like HIV, SARs, Zika, etc. We will get through Coronavirus as well, if we all work together. The entire world is working on it, hopefully bedside test kits, a vaccine, and antiviral medications will become available before too long.

In the meantime Access Medical will be there for all your medical needs, rest assured that we can deliver your healthcare needs without exposing you to further risk from COVID-19.

Lon Goldberg, D.O., FACEP, MRO
Medical Director
Access Medical Associates

Stop the Spread of Germs (Source: CDC)