The Branchburg News
March 2004
By Linda Pongetti

Access Medical Associates (AMA) — a full-service, walk-in Urgent Care and Family Medicine center which also offers Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Occupational Medicine, laboratory and x-ray — is open in the new Branchburg Commons office park at 3322 Route 22 West. No appointment is necessary with hours from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day.

Access founder, Lon Goldberg, D.O., FACEP, brings 18 years of experience in Emergency Medicine to Access where ‘leading-edge technology meets expert care.’ He advises, “Emergency rooms are reaching critical capacity; 100 million visits per year, overcrowding and waits reaching 3-4 hours. Studies suggest 70-80% of emergency room visits can be handled in a non-emergency setting like an Urgent Care Center. Patients often call their doctor to find they’re closed or they can’t get a timely appointment. If uncomfortable, they may go to the emergency room. Often patients are unaware that lacerations and broken bones can be treated in an Urgent Care Center. Life-threatening problems should be seen in the emergency room. Urgent Care Centers are the fastest growing form of health care in America.”

“Since waiting is the number one complaint in medicine, the idea was to change the way medicine is practiced,” states Dr. Goldberg. “At Access Medical, patients are usually seen in less than 20 minutes. When calling, patients reach a person not an answering machine. Doctors return phone calls. Personalized attention is missing in medicine today.”

Access Medical was ‘born’ digital. “Electronic charts, wireless networking, prescriptions, instructions, everything here is computerized. Our doctors WANT to spend time with patients, not paperwork; advanced systems make this possible” said Dr. Goldberg.

“Physicians are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Family Medicine; chosen for their medical skills and their people skills” states Dr. Goldberg.

Steven Rus, Business Development Director, said Access Medical utilizes some of the most advanced medical technology available, including a “low dose” X-ray machine. He said vital signs are taken automatically and transferred wirelessly into a tablet computer directly into nurse’s notes which are then instantly available to the doctor.

“The active chiropractic service has two full-time chiropractors who are also available evenings and weekends. For musculoskeletal problems and health maintenance, patients are always telling us how much better this makes them feel,” states Dr. Goldberg.

Access Medical also provides occupational medicine, commercial driver’s licenses, and pre-employment examinations. They are mobile too; providing flu shots, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings on-site for corporations.

Access Medical Associates attends health fairs, visits schools, tends to sports teams and gives lectures. “We are here to serve the community. Come see what medicine should be like.” Most major medical plans are accepted. To learn more go to or call 908-704-0100.